Monday, March 29, 2010

Sorry, I'm picky. :P

Once again, I had to change the cover... Want to know why? Well, someone closed down ALL my work the other day, and I have to start over. So, I figure, this issue will be simple.

 Frequent questions I had been asked: Why didn't you just take the URL from your blog?
Answer: I guess I could do that, but I've already changed it. :(
 P.S. The covergirl has been changed too. KCarmae AKA: Chelsea will no longer be the covergirl because she is now apart of the staff. The new covergirl is...
The magazine's debut will probably be in later April....... Thanks for reading the blog!! :)
XOXO Jennie
Oops! I mean, Styledoll Addicts :) lol

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